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Tobermore embraces Digital Construction with BIM upgrade

By Megan Reid
2 min read

In a bid to meet the needs of specifiers in an increasingly digitised construction industry, Tobermore has upgraded their BIM (Building Information Modelling) offering.  

Tobermore offers customers a digital suite of BIM objects which demonstrate the aesthetic appearance of their products while capturing all the associated technical data. Tobermore’s versatile BIM library has products to suit every project, including paving blocks, paving slabs, permeable paving, facing bricks, retaining walls in addition to kerbs and edging.  

Increased compatibility

Having successfully launched their BIM Library in 2020, Tobermore has invested in further developments which improve product accuracy and compatibility. Recognising that not all specifiers use the same design software, Tobermore has augmented their BIM assets so that they can be exported in DWG, RVT and IFC file format. 

This means that Tobermore BIM objects are compatible with each of the leading design software packages. Now, specifiers who use AutoCAD can download DWG files, those who design on Autodesk Revit can download RVT files and designers who use SketchUp or ARCHICAD can download IFC files. 

Why is BIM so important?

Tobermore embraces the growing importance of utilising digital technology within the construction industry. BIM is an important part of Tobermore’s digital strategy, which aims to provide accurate, quality product data to specifiers in the format they require.  

BIM is here to stay, the promise of constructing buildings in a virtual space before real life is too useful to be ignored by designers or contractors.” Bimstore, 2020. 

Tobermore launches Tobermore launches BIM Portfolio on Bimstore

How does BIM Benefit Designers?

Improved co-ordination between teams

Having the objects you want in the format you need, allows for a more collaborative and transparent design process between engineers, architects and designers as multiple drafting tools can be deployed simultaneously without the worry of updating file formats.  

This not only boosts efficiency and saves costs, but it also makes the drafting and design process a smoother and more satisfying experience. 2D models can also be extracted from the BIM landscape model which allows onsite professionals to ensure that the final design is implemented as intended.  

3D Rendering  

In terms of aesthetics, 3D rendering makes it easier to understand if the Tobermore paving and walling fits well with the current environment. 3D models incorporate realistic features like lighting sources and texturing which help bring the project design to life.  

Information Rich BIM Models

Tobermore’s BIM objects are packed full of specification information which aids specifier decision making. This rich data also makes it easier to perform cost and material estimates which is invaluable for project planning and budgeting. 

How do Landscape Designers use BIM Objects?

Tobermore BIM objects can be employed for visualisations, setting out and costing purposes during the design and construction stages. While this usage of BIM in landscape design is in its infancy, specifiers can use Tobemore’s BIM assets to create detailed digital representations of the area with multi-disciplinary data included. 

In summary, BIM provides specifiers, engineers and contractors, the opportunity to make better decisions, improve collaboration and optimise workflow. Together with Bimstore, Tobermore is committed to creating a smarter future, today. 

Check out Tobermore’s enhanced BIM Library, to download free objects in whatever format you require. 

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Megan Reid

Megan is the Commercial Marketing Executive at Tobermore. Her role is to assist the Commercial Marketing Manager when delivering successful marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and support sales within the professional market.