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Paving Trends 2020 – Grey Is Here To Stay!

With the current obsession of greys everywhere we look from fashion to interiors and exteriors, we have to ask ourselves when will this craze end? Well according to trends for 2020, grey isn’t going anywhere! In fact, grey is set to continue its meteoric rise, making waves well into the ’20s. 

The paving scene is no exception – grey is very much here to stay due to its contemporary and stylish tones.  It presents discerning landscape designers with a versatile option as its neutrality complements almost every colour palette. Depending on the shade and amount of sunlight presentgrey has the ability to evoke warmth or coolness. 

The influence of Scandinavian style, with its simplicity, minimalism and functionality, has led to a rise in greys infiltrating outdoor spaces.  Specifiers seek paving solutions which complement the surrounding architecture and landscape, as opposed to stealing all the limelight.  Grey is popular for creating outdoor spaces that complement the lush greens present in soft landscaping while embodying style and taste.  

Its neutral nature also allows designers to create impact by adding accent colours.  Injecting a pop of colour to grey hard landscaping can be achieved by adding a coloured paver, quirky street furniture or a forecourt focal point. 

Hard landscaping trends are ever-changing, and although grey will prevail throughout this decade, it will continue to adapt in order to remain current. The upcoming trend is to mix different shades of grey paving together to create contrast and depth.  

Tobermore has just launched its brand new linear paving range – Artro.  Choose from Artro’s ‘cool’ grey palette available in platinum, steel, carbon and slate shades to create distinctive schemes with contemporary tones.


Artro linear paving in shades of Platinum and Carbon.


Artro Platinum laid stretcher with Steel banding and Fusion mix paving.


Artro Platinum and Country Kerb Granite Aggregate.


Tobermore offers an extensive range of grey paving options which have the technical performance to match their stunning aesthetics.  Use our online product selector tool to find your favourite. 





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