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Statistics Reveal House Hunters Take Longer To Choose A Smart Phone Than A Home!

First impressions count!

What could you do with 27 minutes? A quick workout? Watch an episode of your favourite show?  Or perhaps decide on where you will live for the rest of your life?

It may be surprising but research by the property website Zoopla, found the typical buying decision when viewing a house in person takes just 27 minutes.

27 minutes, that’s not a very long time. Perhaps a good kitchen would seal the deal, or multiple bedrooms, or a large living area.


Increase selling power

All these things are great – but if you only have 27 minutes, first impressions count. Nearly a quarter of homeowners surveyed said they knew their home was right for them in 10 minutes or less.

These statistics show how important kerb-side appeal is.  Housebuilders should take note of these statistics when landscaping their developments. A well thought out and landscaped outdoor space, with a high quality and aesthetically pleasing driveway will guarantee positive first impressions.

At Tobermore we understand the importance of positive first impressions. Take a look at our project with Junell Homes at Salterns Reach, a luxurious housing scheme in Prinsted, West Sussex.

At this particular development, we worked hand in hand with the construction team at Junell Homes to increase the selling power of the development, by ensuring that the hard landscaping was finished to perfection, blending in with the distinct style of the development while offering functional benefits.

Junell Homes liaised with Tobermore’s South East Sales team and Beth Moore (long-standing Landscape Designer at Tobermore), who provided various landscape design options and the most suitable products to use for each.

The properties at Salterns Reach successfully completed and ranged in price from £725,000 to £2.5m.

Jonathan Bingham, the Construction Director at Junnell Homes, advised that they were able to add up to 500k in value to the properties.  Jonathan put this down to the stunning first impression that prospective buyers had when they drove in.

This is just one example of how Tobermore can help you make a lasting and positive first impression.

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