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Ask Tobermore – Benefits of using Concrete Facing Bricks

Question: My local builders’ merchant recently suggested using concrete facing bricks on my upcoming build. What do you consider to be their key benefits?


Readily available

One of the key benefits of concrete facing bricks is that they are readily available. While many clay brick makers struggle to meet demand from previously reduced manufacturing bases, concrete facing brick makers maintained production during the downturn and have since made a significant investment to boost production to meet the growing demand for quality facing brick.

tobermore kingston burren autumn gold burnbrae drive linwood


Aesthetically pleasing

When it comes to aesthetics, even experienced specifiers have difficulty spotting the difference. The range of strong aesthetics, palette of colours and textures make concrete facing brick a fair match to clay.


tobermore kingston burren autumn gold burnbrae drive linwood

Wide range of colours and sizes

At Tobermore, we produce an innovative range of concrete facing brick products, that can be used to construct homes with distinctive visual appeal. A variety of surface finishes and subtle colours are available, with practical benefits such as being cost-effective and providing an easy installation process.

tobermore lansdowne cottage red harrison view york

Fast turnaround

Tobermore facing bricks are manufactured on a single site,with higher stock levels than the industry average, and are ready to be delivered to house builders in full and on time,without a long lead time.

How Tobermore's Effective Stock & Delivery Help Your Project

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