How can I take care of EasyClean products?

It is imperative that the surface of EasyClean products is treated with care at all times to avoid damage to the coating.

  • Do not use cleaning agents which contain strong solvents or acids.
  • Do not use high pressure or steam washers for cleaning.
  • Do not drag or scratch metal objects across the surface.

Regular brushing of the paved area will help prevent weeds, moss and algae developing. However, if you need to use a product to remove these we recommend the following products as these will not damage the EasyClean coating. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.

  • Weeds: Weedol Pathclear or Roundup Fast Action Ready to-use Weedkiller
  • Moss/Algae: Antimoss by Anichem, Jeyes Fluid or Armillitox

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