How do I install EasyClean slabs?

EasyClean slabs are installed in the same way as standard slabs.

However, the following instructions must be adhered to ensure there is no damage to the coating during the installation process.

Handling the slabs – EasyClean slabs are supplied with protective glue dots which ensures the slabs do not rub against each other during transportation. If stacking the slabs on site prior to installation, do not remove the glue dots until the slabs have been installed. Never stack the slabs directly on top of each other if the glue dots have been removed as this can damage the coating.

Compaction of the slabs – Use a rubber mallet to compact the slabs or if using a plate vibrator the kiln dried jointing sand should be applied prior to compacting. The plate vibrator must have a neoprene protective cover to avoid damage to the EasyClean coating. Kiln dried jointing sand is purchased separately to the slabs and is available from Tobermore and Builders Merchants.

Please note: If you choose to lay the slabs using the rigid / bound construction method extreme care must be taken while jointing the slabs. Any excess mortar or spillages of mortar should be removed immediately from the slab surface.

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