How can I take care of EasyClean products?

It is imperative that the surface of EasyClean products is treated with care at all times to avoid damage to the coating.

Do not use cleaning agents which contain strong solvents or acids.

Do not use high pressure or steam washers for cleaning.

Do not drag or scratch metal objects across the surface.

Regular brushing of the paved area will help prevent weeds, moss and algae developing, however, if you need to use a product to remove these we recommend the following products as these will not damage the EasyClean coating.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.

Weeds – Weedol Pathclear or Roundup Fast Action Ready-to-use Weedkiller.

Moss / Algae – Antimoss by Anachem, Jeyes Fluid or Armillatox.

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