Keeping garden maintenance to a minimum

By Orla McGoldrick
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One good thing to come from recent global events, is that we have all come to value our outdoor space more than ever before. So before the winter chill arrives, it may be a good time to carry out some maintenance in your garden to keep it in tip top condition for next Spring.

Maintenance checklist

Shrubs and Trees
Now is a good time to prune and trim before the frost arrives.

Tidy up your flowerbeds and border and remove leaves, weeds and any dead planting.

If you can’t store your furniture indoors or invest in covers to protect your furniture from the elements which can have a detrimental effect on furniture.

Garden structures
Carry out any maintenance work that may be required on your garden shed, gazebo or fencing before the arrival of wind and rain.

Paving maintenance
After a summer spent entertaining and dining alfresco, your patio area may be looking a bit unloved and in need of some TLC.

  1. Applying a weed killer roughly a week before cleaning your paving will allow for the weeds to die, allowing for an easier cleaning process.
  2. Sweep the area using a stiff brush to remove any lose stones, debris or old cement.
  3. A good power wash will remove the majority of dirt and staining from your paving. Make sure to angle the power hose and power hose on a light setting

Check out our Cleaning & Maintenance Advice for more information


Products used: Sienna Silver


EasyClean for low maintenance

Tobermore  EasyClean flags offer a low maintenance option for your outdoor area. EasyClean flags are treated with stain-resistant technology during the manufacturing process preventing spills from penetrating the surface of the paving and allowing for them to be wiped away with ease.

The paving surface is less absorbent meaning dirt and spills can be wiped away with a soapy cloth, much like you would do with tiles or a worktop. This allows the paving to stay looking fresher for longer and means it is less susceptible to weathering than traditional paving, so you won’t have to clean it as often. Find out more about our EasyClean range

EasyClean TobermoreProducts used: EasyClean Mayfair Silver flags


What should I avoid in my new garden if I want to keep maintenance to a minimum?

The best advice is to avoid fads and aim for a design which is low maintenance, looks good all year round and has a good balance of hard and soft landscaping.

  1. Ponds – very high maintenance and require regular clearing out to look good.
  2. Water features – can look spectacular but in reality, most water pumps survive until the first hard winter or drought when they burn out. All that is left are the green, slimy remains and some weeds.
  3. Herb bed – unlikely to survive the winter frost and will need to be redone next year. Opt for a large pot with herbs, also handy to keep at the back door to access when you are cooking.
  4. Planting  – for low maintenance planting, some well selected shrubs are the best bet. Once they are planted, as long as they are selected for size suited to the space, you shouldn’t have to prune or cut back for many years.


Products used: Secura Lite Slate, Historic Slate, Sienna Setts Silver


Orla McGoldrick

Orla is the Consumer Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves developing and delivering marketing campaigns for the retail market across NI/ROI and GB.

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