How to maintain Tobermore’s EasyClean paving?

By Graeme Wallace
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With summer approaching, we take a look at how to maintain Tobermore’s EasyClean paving keeping it as fresh and clean as the day it was laid.

As spring starts to roll into summer, and with the beautiful weather we have all been experiencing, people are using their outdoor spaces more than ever.

With many people opting for a ‘staycation’ this year given current global events, outdoor spaces are set to become just as important as any other part of the family home.  Therefore, it’s important to know how to maintain Tobermore’s EasyClean Paving.

As more time is spent in these outdoor spaces – more upkeep and maintenance is required.  The fun of a BBQ or children playing is often followed by inevitable mess.  Spilt wine, ketchup, animal paw prints – to name a few – can quickly spoil the appearance of otherwise beautiful paving.

Fortunately, Tobermore’s EasyClean Paving simply wipes clean!  Tobermore’s Mayfair and Beaufort paving with EasyClean is integrated with a stain-resistant technology that repels and protects against dirt and stains. During the manufacturing process EasyClean paving is integrated with built-in protection that prevents spills and dirt penetrating the surface of the paving.

Caring for Tobermore’s EasyClean paving couldn’t be easier. The paving’s surface is less absorbent meaning dirt and spills can be wiped away with ease.  Simply wipe away stains with a soapy cloth like you would do with tiles or a worktop. Stains are never a problem for EasyClean paving.

EasyClean paving is also less susceptible to weathering than traditional paving.  You can be assured that it will look fresher for longer and you won’t have to clean it as often.

For those who already own this convenient and innovative paving, you can look forward to many more months and years of hassle-free maintenance.  As for those who are considering upgrading their outdoor space and want it to look as fresh and clean as the day it was bought, why not consider Tobermore’s EasyClean paving range?

Products used: EasyClean Mayfair Silver & Sienna Setts Graphite

With EasyClean paving, the design possibilities are endless. EasyClean is available in our Mayfair range, paving with natural granite aggregates. EasyClean is also available in our Beaufort paving range, paving with a natural stone effect finish.

Save yourself the hard work of paving maintenance by designing your dream outdoor space with EasyClean today!

Graeme Wallace

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