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Easy to clean paving

What are your first thoughts when visualising an outdoor space for your  home? Perhaps you imagine an area that allows for outdoor dining? Somewhere for the kids to play? Or perhaps a dedicated space for entertaining guests?

An outdoor space is great for a multitude of activities. In fact a well planned outdoor space could add another room to the house if the rain stays away. However, with the fun comes the inevitable mess, spilled wine, ketchup, animal paw prints.  Unfortunately, cleaning up after accidental spills can end up taking up a substantial amount of time.

With these concerns in mind, Tobermore’s Mayfair paving range is now available with EasyClean – integrated stain resistant technology that repels and protects against dirt and stains.

Tobermore’s EasyClean is a new concept for the modern home (and the first of its kind in the UK).

EasyClean flags are treated with stain resistant technology during the manufacturing process allowing for built in protection, preventing spills from penetrating the surface of the paving and allowing for them to be wiped away with ease.

As well as protecting against stains, EasyClean takes the work out of caring for paving, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time cleaning. Caring for EasyClean paving is a straightforward process as its less absorbent surface allows for dirt and debris to be washed away with ease.

EasyClean paving stays looking fresher for longer and is less susceptible to weathering than traditional paving so you won’t have to clean it as often.

Stains from muddy boots and gardening mess are never a problem for EasyClean Paving.















The inevitable  spill won’t end up as a stain either as most simply wipe away with a soapy cloth, similar to cleaning a tiled surface or worktop.

EasyClean is the perfect paving product for those who wish to keep their outdoor space as clean as the day they bought it.

To find out more about EasyClean find your nearest paving centre here. Alternatively call our sales office on 028 7964 2411.

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For more information on EasyClean and where to buy, please visit our dedicated EasyClean page.

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About the Author: Sarah Templeton

Senior Communications Executive at Tobermore

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