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Block Paving

Benefits of block paving can be measured through a variety of elements. It has the versatility to meet project challenges head-on and can easily handle heavy-duty applications, detailed streetscape designs and sympathetic conservation schemes. In addition, advantages include excellent physical performance, pleasing aesthetic appearance, reconstitution abilities and overall life-long cost-effectiveness.

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Tegula Charcoal

Tegula Setts Charcoal

Tegula Circle Charcoal

Fusion Graphite

Fusion Noir


Sienna Graphite

Sienna Setts Graphite

Sienna Circle Graphite

Chieftain Graphite

Manhattan Graphite

Lincoln Charcoal

Shannon Charcoal

City Pave VS5 Graphite

City Pave VS5 Charcoal

Toberloc Charcoal

Mammut Charcoal

Pedesta Charcoal

Squaresett Charcoal

Pembury Charcoal

Ballotini Black

Black Marker Block


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